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Developed with students in mind

Hello tutors and students. We are excited to be launching this coming Spring. We are twin brothers, both undergraduates at the University of California San Diego. For all of our years at UCSD we've struggled to find tutors when we needed them. As we became Juniors and seniors, we wanted to tutor and help other students as well. But there was one problem... where does one find the students who need help. We could work for existing tutoring companies, but they select our hours, and pay substantially less than being a freelance tutor. Having lived through the struggle of being on both ends of the spectrum, we decided something had to change. Over the course of the past year we have been developing Tutopia. With Tutopia we are hoping to solve this problem, and make educational resources more convenient and accessible to all of us. So whether you're a tutor or a student, join us in changing the educational landscape.

University Specific

We take the hassle out of finding someone that actually knows your course material. Done are the days of hiring a math tutor but realizing they weren't so proficient in Math 20E (Vector Calculus). On Tutopia you find tutors based on their ability to teach your specific course. We bring the same method of selecting professors at your school to the process of selecting a tutor.

Constantly Evolving

Tutopia was built by students and we intend to keep it run by students, in order to really address the needs of undergraduates. Nobody knows the needs of undergraduate as well as someone in the system or who has been through it themselves. Contact us with ideas and support in expanding our reach.

Courses on Demand

if you can't find your course listed, contact us and we"ll have it added within 24 hours! This platform is based on our users needs, and we"ll always do our best to meet them.