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Find the right tutor for your needs

Tired of struggling through classes with no one to help you? Long gone are the days of searching informational boards for tutors. Use Tutopia to find tutors for your specific subject, and get the help when you need it. It's been way to difficult to get help in the past and we're gonna change that.

Find and book a tutor in less than 30 seconds!

First select department and course you are looking to be tutored in, in order to be able to view the available tutors. View tutors based on rating and cost, or based on availability.

Select the time slot(s) you would like to receive tutoring in

Once you’ve found the right tutor, select the time slot or slots you would like to meet with them as well as the location on campus... and thats it! Your tutor has been notified.

Scheduling With Ease

Keep track of your upcoming, completed and cancelled appointments.

Push Notifications

We designed Tutopia to be seamless and easy to use. Whether you're a tutor or a student, we provide a simple way to keep track of your appointments. We"ll send you a push notification whenever an appointment has been set or cancelled.

Completed Appointment

When an appointment time has passed, we will automatically follow up with you. On Tutopia's rating screen you will confirm the completion of your appointment and rate your tutor. This will allow us to continually improve our service to you.


Cancel Appointments

Being undergraduates ourselves, we understand things come up. So we allow you to cancel your appointments if you can't make them. If your cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the appointment, you won't be charged!

Upcoming Appointments

As soon as you book an appointment you and the tutor alike will have access to each others contact information as well as other information regarding the appointment. Get in touch if you need to, or if you must, cancel the appointment.